Director of Sales

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Reporting Positions

  • Listing Agents & Listing Partners
  • Buyer Agents & Buyer Partners 

Results Inherent In This Position  

To recruit talent to the sales force. To train listing and buyer agents to acquire  customers through prospecting and follow-up using pre-determined scripts and dialogs  and proven lead conversion processes. To acquire and retain clients by developing,  orchestrating, and managing the systems used by Listing Agents and Buyer Agents. To  oversee and direct the Listing Agents and Buyer Agents in a way that will enhance our  clients lives and make them raving fans of Denman Drapkin Group.

Results For Each Reporting Position  

To develop and implement systems that maximizes advertising, recruiting and labor dollars  towards the creation and conversion of candidates to team members and leads into clients. To  hold the Buyer Agents and Listing Agents accountable for following the systems and  predetermined scripts and dialogs. To provide assistance as needed for the Buyer  Agents and Listing Agents to continually grow in the number of transactions closed and  the quality of service provided.  

Work Inherent in this Position

Strategic Work  

  • Track the 30-day training for agents and make corrections as necessary
  • Develop and/or update as needed presentation books
    • Buyer presentation
    • Listing presentation 
  • Role play with all agents  
    • Scripts and dialogs  
    • Buyer presentation  
    • Listing presentation 
    • Objection handling (Weekly)
  • Measure performance against standard
    • Buyer Agents
    • Listing Agents  
      • Determine source of deviation from standard  
      • Implement corrective action  
  • Plan sales meetings 
    • Utilize various team members to conduct  
    • Utilize contexts as needed  
  • Meet with Team Leader monthly or as much as needed
    • Monthly
    • Review sales reports, agent productivity, client feedback forms, etc)  7. Train all sales force in scripts, dialogs, perfect week schedule, and ETA process.  8. Train negotiation skills 
  • Conduct morning meetings (M, W, F)  
  • Recruit new talent to the team consistently as needed  

Work Inherent in this Position

Tactical Work

  • Game plan for the week/month/quarter/year
    • Track agents kpi’s and team sales metrics daily and weekly 
  • Write business plan  
    • Quarterly  
    • Monthly  
  • Write training materials for all departments  
    • Enlist the aid of others as needed  
  • Prospect for new customers  
    • Minimum of 50 contacts will be made per week  
  • Provide performance reports to Team Leader 
    • Write performance report to be used  
    • Compile all Listing Agents and Buyer Agents performance metrics and kpi’s  weekly.  
    • Share team performance with Team Leader weekly.  
  • Follow perfect week schedule 
  • Provide leads for Listing Agents and Buyer Agents  
    • Manage lead flow  
    • Distribute leads  
    • Manage proper follow-up of leads  
    • Research new and innovative ways to generate and invest in leads for the team.
  • Attend seminars, listen to podcasts, and read books with the intent of always  looking for new and innovative ways to increase production  
  • Prioritize your work with the listing functions being the primary focus
  • Provide staff assistance when requested  
  • Attend and participate in meetings  
    • Brainstorming meeting monthly  
    • Sales meeting weekly
  • Answer phones as necessary
  • Work closely with Admin team to develop a systems and action plans to be used
    • Buyer Department
    • Listing department  
  • Utilize Digital Performance Platform to show progress of sales department  17. Contact buyer, seller, potential buyers, and potential sellers randomly for qualify  checks  
  • Create and refine the recruiting process and on-boarding process. 

Standard Behavior Inherent In This Position

Specific Standard/Behavior

  • The results of the team will be given the highest priority  
  • All work will be orchestrated and documented  
  • All work will be performed according to the policies and standards of the team.
  • All work will be performed in accordance with all government laws, regulations,  ordinances, and court rulings in those jurisdictions in which the (Company or Team  Name) operates  
  • Employees performing the work will be asked for input prior to any work process  revision  
  • The Team will achieve the highest possible degree of standardization in the work  performed  
  • Action Plans will be performed in a routine, coordinated manner so as to continually  duplicate desired results  
  • Employees will provide staff assistance as needed per workload  
  • Steps of service, office rules, and office policies will be adhered to in all decision  Deadlines will be met on the time and day set forth.  
  • A positive attitude will be maintained at all times while in the office or working with  vendors and clients  
  • Techniques of monitoring, pacing, matching, and leading will be used in  communications with others  
  • All calls will be returned within three hours by someone who can handle the call 
  • All work will be completed in a timely fashion  
  • Personal information about clients, customers, employees, staff, etc., is to be kept  confidential  
  • Dress code policy will be adhered to at all times  
  • A high standard of integrity shall be maintained  
  • Management will perform strategic work in an effort to enable employees to  perform to the best of their abilities and meet team standards  
  • All reviews and discussions involving personnel will be kept confidential
  • Employee wages and benefits are to be kept confidential

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